The Creative Process talks at the V&A

The Creative Process is a series of talks, exploring the creative process and how visual thinkers develop ideas.


Victoria and Albert Museum
V&A Friday Late: Collection of Collections
Friday, 31st of October, 18.30—22pm

The Creative Process is a series of presentations by established names and emerging talents in London’s creative industries. The speakers range from typographers, performers, food designers, tatoo artists, curators, editors, art directors and product designers.

Using the Curator app and a maximum of 25 slides of varying content, the group will offer a lightning fast insight into their individual creative process: how they moved from the first fragment of an idea to its final form.

Join us for this event which is part of the V&A Friday Late programme on curating, called Collections of Collections. Entry is free.

Oscar Diaz presents his studio’s creative process

Oscar Diaz’s current interest lies in diagrams and maps. Oscar Diaz is a product designer, running a small consultancy focusing mainly in objects. Things that are plain and playful, and hopefully things that people will use for a long time.


Taking “Design as a verb” as a conceptual starting point for our first Creative Process talk, Oscar will be presenting his creative process: how does he came up with ideas? How does he start a project? How does he choose materials? What part of the process interest him more?

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Nuno Coelho introduces Nomads at Last

A design theorist, lecturer and curator. After his MA in History of Design at the Royal College of Art, Nuno has published several papers, curated exhibitions and lectured extensively, both in Britain and overseas, on topics ranging from aesthetics to social and political design.

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Nuno Coelho will be presenting “Nomads at Last” at our first Creative Process talk, his latest exhibtion project taking multiple forms through articles, websites—circumventing the physical space.

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Loris & Livia presents The Life of Tipsy

LORIS&LIVIA design uncommon objects and unexpected spaces that inspire simple human interactions. Products of pared-back simplicity that invite you to determine their functional possibilities. Interiors that respond to content as well as context. Ideas that playfully challenge the way you engage with the world around you.
Loris Jaccard is the co-founder of design studio LORIS&LIVIA. The swiss duo design and develop versatile products, furniture and exhibitions for clients worldwide
Loris lives and work in East London since 2003. She is married with two children.

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Loris will be presenting “The life of Tipsy”: from 10 pieces commissioned by DesignMarketo in 2011, to a large scale production in Czech republic, LORIS&LIVIA unveil the creative process and success story of the unique TIPSY glasses at our first Creative Process talk.

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Tipsy at DesignMarketo

Jay Hess presents how he works as art director of Harpers’ Bazaar


Harper’s Bazaar is the UK’s most sophisticated women’s fashion magazine. Jay Hess has been the art director for over two years. 


At great speed, Jay Hess will explain the 3 month process that takes to produce a single issue at our first Creative Process talk

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Jacopo Sarzi: on Food Design Projects

Jacopo Sarzi is a Designer that mainly works on food related projects, in London, as around Europe. 
He is continuously researching ‘hands-on techniques’ and materials which relate with everyday food consumption.
Using digestion as a process and food as a tool, he designs systems aiming to encourage virtuous improvement in society and people’s everyday life.
Since he started working with food in Paris in 2009, Jacopo Sarzi has performed, traveled, taught and carried out research in various cities and institutions such as: Istanbul ‘Design Biennale’; Milan, ‘Salone del Mobile’; Germany, ‘Vitra Design Museum’, France, ‘Le lieu du Design’, London during the ‘Design Festival’; Switzerland, ‘Design / Basel and for the Art Fair ‘Tefaf’ in Maastricht.


At our first Creative Process talk with “On food design projects”, Jacopo Sarzi will present his design related to food practice through examples of his works. He will also use images from the past that have inspired his projects, and helped him creating scenarios for some of his performances. During the presentation, Sarzi will unveil how taste is influenced by all senses, and what synesthesia means in a food related project.

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Letterforms for Ephemeral Messages by Amandine Alessandra

Amandine Alessandra is a Graphic Designer and a Photographer. Her playful installation and performance-based 3D typographic work have featured in numerous books. She likes to think of typography as a way to transform the message into a readable experience.


Amandine Alessandra will be presenting “Letterforms for Ephemeral Messages” at our first Creative Process talk.
Playful typographic research, looking into possible letterforms best reflecting the transient nature of ephemeral messages, using four dimensions.

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Hato Press, an autonomous experimental space for publishing

Hato is thought of as an autonomous experimental space to encourage collaborators to develop ideas and facilitate both the production and distribution of new content.
Ken Kirton from Hato Press will be presenting the Hato project “An independent printing and publishing” at our first Creative Process talk. Hato Press is an independent printing and publishing house based in London. It was established in 2009 to act as a support structure to help sustain its members’ practices and offer an affordable means of production for others.


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Betty Wood: Port, Molteni and Gio Ponti

Betty Wood is a writer and editor based in London. She is Port Magazine’s Online Editor and a Contributing Editor to Avaunt Magazine. You can follow her @iambettywood.


Betty Wood will be presenting “Port x Molteni: Gio Ponti — Cover Story” at our first Creative Process talk.
On behalf of Port, Betty Wood curated an exhibition of Gio Ponti’s iconic D.270.2 armchairs in an exclusive range of textiles by four British designers, to celebrate London Design Festival. Drawing on her contacts as an editor and writer, Betty selected designers who demonstrated a shared commitment to craftmanship, eschewing straight-up textile designers in favour of multi-disciplinarian practitioners who echo the values of Ponti and the Italian furniture manufacturers.

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Port magazine
Betty Wood

Alexandre Bettler presents DesignMarketo’s take on Pepper and Perfume

DesignMarketo is a platform for creativity, championing a refined but simple aesthetic of the everyday. We organise events where design meets conviviality through international exhibitions, workshops, lectures and dinners for creatives, brands, institutions, and friends.

DesignMarketo’s Alexandre Bettler will be presenting “How we built Perfume, Sir” at our first Creative Process talk.

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