Collect. Organise. Present.

Curator is the No.1 tool for the creative process. From the first fragment of an idea to presentation. Simple, fast, powerful.
Curator App available for free on the Apple App Store

Curator, visual notes: collect ideas, organise thoughts, present concept


Fast and Fun

Collect ideas, fragments, images, photography, text, website


Ideas start with fragments. Collect and see your notes regardless of whether they are websites, images or text.

Organise thinking, refine ideas, juxtapose to tell a story


Tactile thinking. Refine ideas by interacting with your collected content, simply drag and drop to organise.

Present visual concept to your audience in full screen


Don’t lose time by switching to another tool. Swipe between notes in full screen mode, your ideas are instantly presentable.

Collect real website, not just a picture: it's a live visual bookmark


Live visual bookmarks. Save and see websites full screen in Curator.

Visual notes: images from your device or cloud storage


Make visual notes. Pick images from your device or cloud sources like Dropbox, Instagram and more.

Write essays, paragraph or title for your presentation


Essays or headlines. Make longer text notes or switch to title mode for larger text size.


  • Elegant and simple.
    Very nice interface. The simplicity is it’s strength


  • Blown Away.
    This app is incredibly useful for visual thinkers. Simple, stylish, clever, and lends itself to a huge range of creative projects.


  • Highly recommended.
    I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time!


  • We loved the app, it’s really cool.

    Paul Graham, Y Combinator

A Modern Creativity Tool

Curator Board used to present DesignMarketo's collection BarAlto
Curator Board for designers: Mischer Traxler Reversed Volumes series

Why we are building Curator

You might be designing a new building, planning the refurbishment of your home, working on the design of a new chair or preparing a sale pitch to your biggest client—you just want to organise your ideas, present your thoughts and not worry about the tool.

This is why we are building Curator.